DeskWall, Smart & Connected Security Award for the most innovative solution

  • The organization of SNSR (Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention) awarded the most disruptive technologies in security.
  • The award recognizes DeskWall as an indispensable technology for Security Control Centres.

Last November a new edition of SNSR (Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention) was held in Riyadh, the leading security event in Saudi Arabia organized by the Ministry of the Interior of the country and in which leading companies such as Thales participated.

Within the framework of the meeting, SNSR Expo awarded the most innovative solution award in Security to DeskWall, the KVM system developed by GESAB for critical work environments.
The security control and decision centres have changed radically in recent years, requiring more advanced tools than current platforms. Operators need more dynamic, ergonomic, flexible and collaborative solutions that allow them to have absolute control and, in addition, be healthy.

The experience of more than 27 years of GESAB in security control centres has allowed to develop a new generation of KVM that is changing the way of working of the operators all over the world.
DeskWall allows the management, administration, control of equipment and information sources through a single keyboard and mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multiple canvas.

GESAB has created a new work philosophy that gives the operator the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a visualization space with a definition up to 12K where to organize all its applications.

DeskWall is established as the definitive tool for SOC security centres, allowing total control over large amounts of information in an agile and simple way. It converts the increasing complexity of the systems and the large number of information into an intuitive experience. A global vision, personalized and flexible from multiple sources to have everything under control. Better decisions, faster and more efficient positions of operators.

The Smart & Connected Security Solution Award recognizes the work of a team dedicated to the development of a tool that facilitates the management of information in security control centres, in addition to guaranteeing the health of operators. Ergonomics and human factors have been key in the development of DeskWall, which incorporates the intelligent widget GESAB Health & Care, a tool that helps improve the health of the operator in their workplace and in critical environments.

The revolutionary KVM system developed by GESAB has already been implemented in countries such as Kuwait, Mexico, Singapore, Canada or Belgium, helping to improve the security installations of customers in an intelligent and innovative way.

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