SNSR, innovation for control centres provided by GESAB

  • GESAB will participate in a new edition showing the latest solutions and technology for security control centres.

This November 4th, 5th and 6th will take place a new edition of SNSR (Saudi National Security and Risk Prevention), an event that aims to help shape the future of national security and risk prevention. A great opportunity to explore the future of the sector, discover the new challenges in terms of cybersecurity and innovation.

The participation of GESAB, a leading company in the NOC and SOC security control centres sector, with more than 27 years of experience, is part of this framework. During the event, attendees can discover new proposals and solutions for critical work environments.

Starting with the design and development of its own technical furniture, the Advantis NG console is the perfect example of design and ergonomics thanks to the intelligent management of the wiring and its simple lines design. In addition, GESAB will present its new series of next generation consoles, ACTEA Series, thanks to its console Slide Black Edition, where minimalism finds its maximum expression without giving up the latest technology.

Consoles designed with the operator as the main axis where ergonomics play a key role, as in the development of the Sit & Stand system, which allows the console to be elevated so that the user works at double height, generating a more dynamic, healthy and collaborative.

GESAB’s commitment to develop its own KVM system stems from its extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the needs of the operator in the room. DeskWall arrives to revolutionize the way of working in control centres around the world. A new dynamic KVM system that allows the management, administration, control of equipment and information sources through a single keyboard and mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas.

In addition, the DataWall concept will take centre stage; a new technological universe with different solutions in unique spaces to achieve the greatest visualization efficiency.

SNSR offers its visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the GESAB philosophy, the development of turnkey projects, developed side by side with the client, always looking for exceptional results. Example of the good work of GESAB is the development of the Command and Control Centre of La Mecca 911, a complex where the safety of millions of people is taken care of, or the traffic control centre in the city of Jeddah. Projects with the GESAB seal, which is a guarantee for the future.

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