Digital Economy to be Discussed in the Upcoming OECD Ministerial Congress in Cancún

  • Numbers stating that 90% of internet users utilize online banking set the stage for the discussion of a new socio-economic paradigm.
  • During the meeting, members will subscribe the Cancún Ministerial Declaration on Digital Economy.
  • GESAB has contributed its Know How as well as technical furniture to the event’s Operations Center, in collaboration with CISCO.

During the next few days, June 21st, 22nd and 23rd, the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) Ministerial Meeting will take place in Cancún, Mexico. During the event, 34 of its member countries will discuss the future of digital economy and how to enhance its accessibility and participation through new approaches and policies.

Under the moto “Innovation, Growth and Wellbeing”, ministers get together to have a constructive conversation and continue moving forward; numbers speak for themselves: 90% of internet users utilize online banking services and, in 2022, there will be 14 billion connected devices. In addition, 65% of our children will have jobs and professions that do not yet exist.

During the congress, members will subscribe the Cancún Ministerial Declaration on Digital Economy, which will serve as a guide for a new generation of public policies regarding digital economy and inclusive economic growth.

All of the operations of this event will be managed through an Operations Center. From said control center, all of the network services, cyberattacks, and other operations are managed in real time during the event. GESAB, working with CISCO, collaborates in the operations providing its Know How and control consoles for Operation Center facilities.

This way, GESAB renews its commitment and its presence in the Mexican market, a market where GESAB is leader in the control room and monitoring industry and where it occupies center stage at events such as Expo Seguridad México.

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