GESAB at the IoT Solutions World Congress

2015 internet of things wordl congress

Internet revolutionized our personal and professional lives, and has transformed our environment in a radical way. Control Rooms, Operation Centres and Data Centre are now very different thanks to Internet, and technological change will continue to transform these technical environments. Getting adapt to new designs that require new technology, always focusing on maximum ergonomics for users to maximize their productivity is one of the most ambitious challenges faced by GESAB.

The next wave of innovation with respect to Internet will be out of our traditional work environment and many of the objects that surround us will be interconnected with each other. The smart connection of different objects will give us a new perspective and a countless number of data which we have to manage to make the best possible decisions. We can identify the key elements that affect the process of interaction of a device with a user and each other, establishing a multi-directional communication. Thus the designs of the future will be based on the development model of IoT (Internet of Things). GESAB has already begun to innovate their products and services to lead this change.

In 2020 an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected, offering a huge amount of data to be monitored in an optimal way to obtain valuable information. IoT is the evolution of the Internet and GESAB is already an important part of this new technological revolution. Along with B-Scada, we will be present in IoT Solutions World Congress, the world’s most relevant international event offering our most innovative solutions for control centers, with designs from technical furniture suited to the future, waiting for the technology mature so we can implement solutions that will definitely change the way you work in a control room.

Visit us in Barcelona from 16 to 18 September at booth D445 and start walking towards the future with us.

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