GESAB Conference on Critical Control Rooms

In 1969, with the arrival of the first man on the moon, the whole world could see a control room. Since then, control room and command centers have become an essential part of many industries, sectors and processes, as security, finance, telecommunications or industrial processes. Since NASA fulfilled a milestone in the history of humanity, control centers have undergone a radical change, not only adapt to current technology but the ergonomics of the people who operate the control room.

GESAB has spent 25 years working in the world of technical furniture, control consoles and design and ergonomics of control rooms,  and will share this experience in a conference in the most specific and relevant industry event for 24/7 environments, Critical Control Room, which will be held in Cannes from 1 to 3 December. During the presentation aspects such as the evolution and future of control rooms, new trends in ergonomic design, maximizing efficiency through customization and how to get success from project conceptualization to implementation will be addressed.

In addition, GESAB will have an stand at the same event that will become the epicenter of design and ergonomics in control rooms, with the latest innovations and immersive journey through virtual reality that will surprise all the visitors.

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