GESAB Group opens new business paths in the United States


2012 is a year of international markets for GESAB. After more than three years in Mexico, and with a growing presence in Europe and Arab countries, the company is based in the Aztec market and, in a further step forward, GESAB is opening new business paths in the U.S. market.

Thanks to the cooperation with strategic partners in aeronautics and security  sectors in the United States, the solutions for control centers, control rooms and data processing centers designed by GESAB are beginning to be implemented in one of the relevant markets in the world.

The design, avant-garde technology and the robustness of the control consoles and ergonomics for 24x7x365 environments, as well as the efficiency of GESAB’s racks, are gaining the confidence of North American customers.

Confidentiality agreements prevent, so far, that the identity of end customers transcend  but in the coming weeks we will disclose details about the projects in which GESAB Group is working.

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