GESAB guarantees operational continuity and activates its action plan against the corona virus

GESAB has enacted its global action plan against the corona virus, following the recommendations of the competent health authorities and applying extraordinary measures to ensure the company’s operational continuity and the safety of all our employees, clients and suppliers.

It is in situations like this, when we as a society are faced with an unprecedented crisis, when we must explicitly show our values and social responsibility. It is for this reason that, now more than ever, we will live up to the expectations of our employees, clients, suppliers and society as a whole, to help with maximum responsibility in managing this current situation.

At GESAB, people are at the centre of all our decisions, and their safety and well-being is always our priority. The application of the most advanced technology and a system of continuous innovation has led us to be not only leaders in the control centre and data centre market, we also lead the way with new ways of working and models of flexibility and work-life balance. All our efforts are now focused on facilitating and promoting telecommuting for all GESAB professionals who are able to do so, limiting meetings and events and taking the basic workplace prevention and hygiene measures.

Furthermore, we continue to show maximum responsibility with our clients, and therefore GESAB will continue to maintain its operational and management capacity on all levels, ensuring communications and maintaining the level of service that is expected by our clients around the world.
The implementation of these extraordinary measures and the ongoing monitoring of this exceptional situation form part of the GESAB commitment. It will continue to take the necessary measures to protect the integrity of our employees, the continuity of our clients and prevent the expansion of the virus.

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