#StayHealthyWithGESAB. The health and ergonomics campaign that has revolutionized teleworking

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The current situation of confinement that is experienced worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led a large number of companies to irretrievably establish telework formulas in order to continue with their normal operations. Undoubtedly, the advantages of this type of work are many and contrasted: greater work-life balance, reduction of business costs, increased productivity, shorter commute times or greater flexibility . However, on many occasions the work space at home is not conditioned to perform the tasks that are required, so that in the medium term visual and physical health problems may appear due to postures and work habits, placement screen,  lighting and other aspects that directly affect our well-being.

Health in your workplace

Health in the work environment is a crucial aspect both for the well-being of society and for the productivity and profitability of companies. Ergonomics plays an essential role in new home work environments, and at GESAB we are committed to offering innovative solutions and pioneering ergonomic training by sharing our knowledge especially with those individuals, companies and entities that work in environments where technology is an everyday item.

It is for this purpose that we launched the #StayHealthyWithGESAB campaign, where we propose guidelines and recommendations that substantially improve people’s well-being and health. The workspace has been identified as a key area for health promotion. Additionally, the worker spends a large part of the day in front of their computer, allowing multiple opportunities to promote behavioral changes and health recommendations that can have a significant impact.

Ergonomic improvements and exercise in the workplace are methods of relieving pain from musculoskeletal disorders. Improvements on ergonomics, exercise and stretching in the workplace (along with appropriate breaks) have short-term benefits for workers and reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Physical activity at home is a means of promoting health and reducing sick leave, improving work capacity. Physical exercise can help control fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. Although we often forget about visual ergonomics, a key factor in workers who use a computer as a work tool. The use of computers and screens greatly facilitates the performance of an innumerable variety of tasks, but at the same time causes symptoms related to their use. Long-term use of computers can lead to complications, such as eye fatigue and other problems. Not surprisingly, eyestrain is considered the most common complaint among computer users.

Videos of exercises, stretches and recommendations

In order to help improve our health during telecommuting, we have shared good practices and recommended exercises to perform while working at home, and thus alleviate the discomfort caused by the working conditions in which we have been forced to work at the moment. .

You can enjoy all the exercises on our #StayHealthyWithGESAB page or on our YouTube channel.

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