GESAB launches BIM objects for control center and meeting room projects


GESAB makes its technical furniture and meeting tables available to architects and designers in BIMobject, with the aim that professionals can use the products in their projects and find the inspiration they may need to get the most appropriate solution.

This platform has been specially developed so that architects, engineers and designers from all over the world can find a multitude of content, as well as the information they need to develop their projects.

GESAB has decided to embark on a new project, openly offering to professionals in the sector the different models of control consoles that it develops in various configuration variants, such as Advantis NG or ACTEA Max, in addition to the MEET meeting table or the AV furniture.

Thus, GESAB seeks to be able to reach its public more directly and learn and understand their needs to a greater extent. In addition, it will make it easier for them to implement the products in their projects in a more autonomous way and will allow them to test a multitude of configurations until they find the one that suits best the project they are working on.

control consoles BIM objects

The objective is none other than to make the work easier for architects and designers, since they will be able to see first-hand how GESAB control consoles and meeting tables fit perfectly into their projects thanks to their timeless, customizable and minimalist design.

Sometimes these professionals are responsible for prescribing one piece of furniture or another for the implementation of projects in a critical environment, so they can access directly through the GESAB website through the BIMobject platform to locate the product in the storage space in the most suitable way and thus meet the needs of its customers.

In the words of Lorenzo Santana, BIM Manager & Infographic Director of GESAB:

What does it mean for GESAB to offer BIM objects?

Once again, to be at the forefront of the competition. Not only we offer it openly on our website, but it is also available on the largest BIM object exchange portal for the construction and engineering sector that currently exists, and GESAB is a pioneer in Europe in including furniture for control rooms.

The drafting of public projects and many of the private ones is mandatory to be done under the BIM methodology and this affects not only the construction part but also installations and specialized furniture.

meeting tables BIM objects
What advantages are we bringing to users with this release?

Both on our website and on the BIMobject portal you will be able to find not only the BIM families of the different ranges of GESAB consoles and technical furniture, but also another series of documents necessary to incorporate them into projects, such as certificates, prescription text, CAD files, etc., which help the designer to develop their projects. In addition, it is completely open and free.

We facilitate the work of Engineering and Architecture studios on products with which they are not so familiar and we offer support and help for the specific needs that may arise during the process. GESAB wants your technical furniture to be at your fingertips. That they can see it in the space in which they work. But, mainly, that they find in their control console models the perfect partner for their designs.

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