GREENGUARD and air quality in control centers

consolas de control libres de contaminación greenguard

GESAB renewed its GREENGUARD certification for all control consoles at the beginning of the year, thus guaranteeing indoor air quality and the well-being of operators.

Indoor air quality is important because it is where we spend most of our time. When we think of pollution, the first image that comes to mind is usually black clouds coming out of factory chimneys. However, the truth is that our indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Additionally, the people who are most vulnerable to the negative effects of poor indoor air quality include children, the elderly, and people with pre-existing health problems such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory diseases.

Another important aspect to take into account in relation to indoor air quality is the impact this can have on the productivity and well-being of people who work in closed workspaces. According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization, poor indoor air quality can reduce productivity and increase work absenteeism. Ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment is not only important for personal health, but also for productivity and business success.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that are released into the air through the evaporation of chemical-containing products and materials. These chemicals are found in many everyday objects and materials, including paints, adhesives, building materials, carpeting, furniture, cleaning products, and personal care products. VOCs can cause a lot of health problems, from headaches and nausea to respiratory problems, eye and skin irritation, and in some cases even cancer.

There are several factors that can affect indoor air quality, including inadequate ventilation, humidity, and the presence of contaminants such as dust, mold, and VOCs.

GREENGUARD certification is awarded to products and materials that meet standards set by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) organization, which aims to improve indoor air quality and public health by certifying products and materials with low carbon emissions. volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

GREENGUARD certification not only focuses on indoor air quality, but also takes into account the overall environmental impacts of products and materials used indoors. Selecting products with low VOC emissions, is not only beneficial for human health, but also for the environment. The release of VOCs can contribute to smog formation and outdoor air pollution, which has a negative impact on air quality and public health.

In conclusion, indoor air quality is important for people’s health and well-being. Exposure to indoor pollutants can have negative health effects, especially for the most vulnerable groups. GREENGUARD certification is a way for consumers to identify products and materials that meet high indoor air quality standards and are safe and healthy for use in indoor environments.

GESAB renewed its GREENGUARD certification last February for all control consoles, thus guaranteeing the commitment to caring for the environment and to the well-being and health of operators. Having this certificate for each of our consoles means that the materials with which our consoles are manufactured meet the defined health criteria.

Choosing GREENGUARD certified control consoles means taking steps to reduce your own exposure to indoor pollutants and to contribute to an improvement in the quality of the surrounding air.

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