GESAB presents GIE VR (Gesab Immersive Experience)

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  • GESAB offers you the chance to submerge yourself in your projects in a unique experience.
  • GESAB launches Gesab Immersive Experience, a new virtual reality technology that allows you to get a sense of the future before it happens.

The project developed by the GESAB team enables you to submerge yourself in a first-person experience. It is already possible to experience what it is like to be inside a control room, crisis room or DPC before it is built. GESAB offers you the chance to see the future.

Always at the peak of innovation, GESAB has developed a system in which clients can get a sense of and see their completed project before they start implementing it. Not only can they see the final result, but they can also see different components of the room, materials, layout and finishes up close, and situate themselves inside their project.

Once the project details have been specified, the GESAB team can transfer the entire design to virtual reality; a new way of getting a sense of the project, of visualising it and experiencing the sensations of a future environment.

Users that have already tried out GIE VR have been amazed at and enthusiastic about the experience, thanks to its quality and capacity for immersion in a virtual environment that is capable of bringing you closer to the most absolute reality; undoubtedly one more step on the path to GESAB innovation.

The launch of Gesab Immersive Experience brings with it the start of a new stage in the development and viewing of projects, since as of now, clients can interact with the project, submerge themselves in it, know each detail of the design and see the final result even before development of the installation begins. It is a new way in which the client can interact and learn about its project unlike anyone else, and experience getting a sense of the future before it happens.

With this innovative system, GESAB is leading technology and design development by offering its clients a unique experience.



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