New air traffic control console at the ATM World Congress

The fourth edition of the World ATM Congress has been the perfect place for launching the new air traffic control console ACTEA ATC.

We have combined design, technology and experience to develop a new way of operating and control, taking our control consoles to a higher level. No doubt of its elegant design, pure lines and maximum ergonomics which have gained the attention of more than 7.000 visitors, each of which have appreciated all the technical solutions, such as the Air-Flow system, to get the maximun internal cooling, the unibody design, an exclusive structure which gives the console a great forcefulness in its design and a global control to the operator.

The possibility to personalize the console is other of the fundamental characteristics. It adaptes to every needs or equipment, which distinctive elements as the Personal Hub, a specialized space for the operator where we integrate different conexions, accessories, speakers, energy, USB and wired access to the inner compartment.

ACTEA ATC provides a great storage capacity for equipments with an integrated cable management and conexion, high quality materials and an exclusive user experience, providing the most high levels of security, comfort and funcionality.

After the end of the ATM World Congress, the launching of our new air traffic control console will follow his course in different events through the website and with a spectacular video. If you have not suscribed to our newsletter yet do not forget  to do it now and discover the official presentation of ACTEA ATC.



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