ONE control console. One concept. Multiple solutions.

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The production of the new product video for the ONE control console is already over. The video, shot in FULL HD (1080p), shows the console in a studio located on a giratutto. With a crane (known in technical jargon “hot head”) the director moves and flies the camera over the console for the viewer to appreciate every technical, operational and design detail . At the end of the video there are different animated renderings that reflect all configuration options offered by one of the most versatile control consoles in the market. ONE is a console with great international success.

It has been installed in control rooms for air traffic, naval traffic, trading rooms, security control room, etc. No matter the space or have to navigate in order: the team of GESAB ONE console adapts to your needs, thanks to its flexible design and assembly.

ONE: Space, hardness and functionality

The ONE control console is concieved and designed to adapt easily to a wide range of formal and functionality requirements for every customer.

It was created as a resistant product for industrial environments and hard treatment requirements, without sacrificing a high level of comfort and ergonomics for the user, operators, technicians, etc.

Innovation is the constant daily challenge of a whole team, working to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.Global Concepts that in ONE are crucial: providing security from top to bottom, from inside to outside, to enhance and stand out; it is our duty, our conviction.

SpaceGenerous spaces for large requirements, no limits, no boundaries, able, with versatility. Organize and manage a technological environment, transformable and adaptable.

ConectivityExperience and knowledge are available to ONE to enjoy without limitations, without conditions. Connect, modify, add. In short: to manage with maximum


PrecisionEvery detail counts, however small, however insignifi cant it may seem. The harmony between the elements generates the power needed to make things work. And do it well.

FlexibilityAn alive series, in constant progress, demanding, expectant, receptive to needs, of what is necessary and requested.

VersatilityFind a word that defi nes ONE is an arduous and complex task. From this moment we are expecting for you to propose an adjective.

Our TeamA committed team, with a spirit of self-improvement. A group of professionals eager to link knowledge with experience and innovation to be guarantee for the future.

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