GESAB & INDRA: a strategic alliance in the field of transport and traffic


INDRA and GESAB have worked successfully on projects in the past and will do so in the future. As a result of this understanding, that teamwork, both companies have taken advantage of synergies for the permanent exhibition Indra Torrejon de Ardoz to be as complete and edgy as possible.

The most advanced control room furniture to date, designed and manufactured by GESAB, ADN+, is the company’s contribution to this exhibition. This is a 24×7 system, where design, technology, ergonomics and sustainability form an equation that results in optimal performance for the most demanding environments.

In a sector such as transport and air traffic ADN+ unfolds easily, given its careful balance between flexibility, robustness, flexibility and comfort. The perimeter of the work surface is marked by led beacons, to ensure the safety of people in an emergency. Furthermore, the operator has the personal dock, an area for individual connectivity, which also has space for personal belongings. The aim is that the person sitting at the controls of an ADN+ has everything at his/her fingertips, both professionally and personally. The use of ADN+ becomes a whole sensorial and technological experience.

ADN+: Design, Ergonomics and Technology

This is the product video for ADN+ control console:

ADN+ is an innovative concept that redefines the standards for high performance control consoles. It is a range designed to meet the demands of an operational 24×7 to optimize the platform to use all possible sequences.

TerritorialThe system defines three spatial zones for the operator activity. The horizontal plane is designed according to the scope and range of comfortable use positions.

The flexible design allows the console adaptation to the preferences of each operator.Sensory

Materials and usability are tailored to each specific area, creating a unique visual and tactile language

Sectoring Technical Service Area

Easy and safe integrated equipment and wiring.Integration

Integration and adaptation in every way. Technology at its best.Identity

Comprehensive solutions for organizing professional environments with high added value.Conceptualization, design and execution are key parameters for an exclusive control room.

The action creates the form

The expression of a gesture is translated into designs that work and they distinguish, they irradiate attitude. The harmony between form and function is possible.

We invest all our talent and effort in the human aspect. From start to finish, inside and on the outside, up and down. It is the motor of our thought.

GESAB manufactures its products, both in Spain and Latin America. Please contact our sales department.

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