Personal Dock, all connectivity at your fingertips

noticia CControl p dock
  • The exclusive GESAB solution gives maximum accessibility to the operator in his workplace.
  • Multiple fully customized connections.

The Personal Dock is a solution developed by GESAB to facilitate the access to multiple connections to the operators in their regular workplace, as well as in meeting rooms. The operator will find in his console a place of easy access, a personal space independent of the control center’s own system. The Personal Dock is synonymous with ergonomics and accessibility.

The packet of the console is defined as a surface with perfectly differentiated areas to offer greater freedom and availability of workspace, where the Personal Dock is located, always at the service of the operator.

The Personal Dock incorporates multiple spaces for connectors between which we can find electrical outlets that can be adapted to all kinds of requirements and needs, such as European, English, American, etc. electrical outlets, in addition to including sockets to connect USB devices, Internet, Audio, HDMI, VGA, Display Port or RJ45 among others.

Customization is one of the essential features of GESAB and this case is no exception, in addition to customizing the type of connections that can be included you can think of the ways of opening the cover and even include LED light inside to facilitate access to the operator. In addition, the different types of finishes can mimic the Personal Dock with the rest of the console choosing among aluminum, phenolic or Corian.

The possibility of including the Personal Dock is not only reduced to individual consoles, but meeting rooms can also count on this solution. The possibilities and comfort are enhanced by not having to move around to find a plug or an HDMI jack to view contents. A bet that facilitates communication, connectivity and safety.

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