Prince Khaled Al-Faisal visits the facilities developed by GESAB in Mecca

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  • The immense facilities control the security and the traffic of the area.
  • More than 540 operators work to ensure the safety of the city of Mecca.

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Governor of Mecca, visited the facilities of the 911 Control Center in Mecca implemented by GESAB, which controls the traffic and the safety of the pilgrims of the most important city for the Muslim world.

GESAB contributed with all its know-how in large installations and projects. The Advantis NG console was the main character in equipping rooms with the latest technology. Its design and functionality go hand in hand; Thanks to its efficient cabling and access to connections through the Personal Dock, operators have at their disposal a workspace where the operator is placed in the heart of the work.

The enormous facilities of the Mecca Control Center have 2 control rooms in which the daily tasks of the Taker Call Center are carried out where the calls are received and the Main Control Room where the signal of the security cameras is received and a 24/7 surveillance of the area is kept.

Completing the set is a Call Dispatches room where all information is analyzed in depth, in addition to a crisis room and a meeting room where the final decisions are made and solutions and plans are proposed before possible incidents. More than 540 operators look after the safety in Saudi Arabia’s second largest city.

GESAB already has extensive experience in the implementation of projects throughout the Middle East, such as the control centers at Muskat and Salalah airports in Oman, traffic control Centers in the Saudi cities of Jeddah, Makkah or Madinah as well as companies like Kuwait Petroleum, or the Saudi electricity company.

Experience that has been possible thanks to the work of a professional team with an international profile that takes GESAB to develop its projects anywhere in the world.

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