TECNOLAN: Designed to adapt to any space

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Confined spaces, the need of counting with a high capacity equipment or the simple search for flexibility in the work place. Each control room has a number of specific technical requirements, so your project must be addressed in a personalized way.

The specific needs of a software laboratory, where you work with very specific equipment, or in a security center for a large surface, where the space is confined and must have a large number of monitors, are disparate. In these cases, a flexible and modular solution would be the suitable, so thus being able to offer an adapted solution. Tecnolan technical furniture has some advanced features designed to adapt to any requirement. Its system allows you to adjust the height and depth, in fact, we start with a minimum of 60 centimeters in length and we can reach the desired width and up to a height of 7.40 meters. It has a wide variety of fixed and modular fittings, connections and allows you to adapt all kinds of computers and monitors, including the specific 19”. Its rack system in the frames allows you to adjust the height of the elements every 3.5 cm, consequently offers the highest customization.

Tecnolan technical furniture is made with the best materials and offers 10 years of warranty. Furniture designed to suit any space thanks to its flexibility, as well as to support a large number of computers and monitors.

GESAB addresses such projects in a completely personalized way and custom designs all the technical furniture. A few examples can be found in the Indra laboratory, Alcampo supermarkets security rooms, software laboratories for ATOS or the technical laboratories of Repsol. Projects adapted to the specific needs of the customer that have managed to solve the different needs of the room and its functionality.

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