Six highly technological control centers spread over five countries: the result of the trust of a large company

Veolia, an energy and environmental management services company, has demonstrated the confidence acquired during recent years in the quality of the products and services offered by GESAB by entrusting it with the design and implementation of its Hubgrade management centers in various locations of the company throughout the world..

Hubgrade is a proprietary reporting and management system of Veolia that combines intelligence and interactivity to measure and monitor the efficiency of energy services. The services offered by this management system allow the company to have a global vision of energy performance, optimize resources and infrastructures or reduce its environmental footprint.

The need for having high-technological, high-quality and state-of-the-art supports, as well as the recommendation of a previous client, took Veolia to GESAB.

The first implementation project of the new Energy Efficiency Center was developed in Spain, in the center of Zamudio (Vizcaya), giving rise to both the technical and aesthetic basis for future projects to come. After the positive experience obtained by those responsible for this center, the GESAB team was once again entrusted to carry out five more projects: another in Spain, at the Madrid headquarters; a third at the headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the fourth in the center of Aguascalientes, Mexico; a fifth at the facilities in Bogotá, Colombia; and a sixth project at headquarters of Veolia in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently implemented.

The first project was a challenge for the GESAB experts, since the requirements of Veolia were highly demanding. The client requested to integrate different technological tools, such as Remote Control for Telemanagement, Energy Efficiency Software or customer service tools, in the technical furniture and centralize them in a single space for the analysis and management of the large amount of data with those who carry out the optimization of energy services.

In addition to the technological requirements, the design of the Hubgrade management center space should make it easier for operators to carry out their daily tasks through a fluid distribution of elements. It was also necessary to add a specific space for holding team meetings, as well as other specific activities of the center.

GESAB proposed to Veolia for its management center in Zamudio a turnkey interior design totally customized to its needs in which not only the technical, functional and ergonomic specifications required by the company were met, but also the corporate image was enhanced by integrating all spaces under the same concept.

This first design would be the model to follow in the future Hubgrade management centers at the different company headquarters.

An innovative, fully custom curved design of the Advantis New Generation  control consoles optimizes control room space by giving operators ergonomic positioning in front of the videowall where operators control alerts and signals.

The technical characteristics of the control consoles, such as the wide connectivity possibilities or the optimal organization of the cabling, made it possible for the Advantis NG model to be chosen as the technical furniture on which the entire design would be later structured and which would serve as a point of union between all the available spaces. Being able to aesthetically personalize the design of the technical furniture with the Veolia logo backlit on the sides, was decisive in its choice, since it allowed the company to create a global corporate image of the control center.

The remaining space was destined for new meeting rooms, the position of the head of the control room and an additional operations position.

Finally the project was completed with 24/7 ergonomic chairs suitable for critical environments and a 3×2 of 55inches LCD cubes videowall.

The project of Veolia that makes up the implementation of Hubgrade Energy Efficiency Centers born at the Zamudio headquarters has gradually been implemented in new company headquarters, both in Spain and Latin America. In the six management centers enabled to date, the team of experts of GESAB has been able to design and develop a totally innovative workplace that is technically and aesthetically prepared for Veolia operators to control the services provided by the business.

The corporate image played a fundamental role in the development of the management centers and GESAB was able to capture the concerns of the client by carrying out a completely personalized comprehensive project, taking care of every aesthetic detail. However, it did not neglect the functionality, efficiency and utility of the space at any time.

The end result is a great initial project with a suitable design and equipment that offers maximum performance and results and capable of being replicated in the headquarters that Veolia requires throughout the world. Allowing, in addition, to reinforce its corporate brand thanks to the aesthetic standardization of these centers.

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Client: Veolia
Country: Several countries
Sector: Energetic
About Veolia: Veolia is an energy and environmental management services company, fundamentally dedicated to the maintenance, operation and adaptation of buildings, facilities and complexes of different kinds, in order to improve their performance, efficiency, safety and comfort at a lower cost.

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Conceptualization, design and installation of customized technical furniture.


Advantis NG control consoles, 55 inches 3×2 VideoWall and 24/7 ergonomic chairs

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