A control center focused on the well-being of operators

Curved Advantis Air control consoles with sit & stand system for the operational and ergonomic development of 27 operators.

The project for the implementation of the new control center for the remote management and operation of the mines in Antofagasta, Chile, arrived to GESAB through PINOX, the main integrator and partner in the country.

Sala de control remoto minera Chile

The idea of ​​this real-time remote work space was an innovative commitment by mining managers in which the main requirements were focused mainly on the well-being of the operators, without neglecting technical robustness and aesthetics. It turned out to be a project very focused on people, on the operability of the workstations and on the space having top-notch conditions with the aim of complying with the maximum possible ergonomics.

Space with exceptional features

The space where the operators’ workstations would be located had quite challenging architectural conditions, so the design of the control consoles had to consider them to adapt without neglecting practicality.

The team of experts from PINOX and GESAB carried out joint work with the objective of defending that the proposed solution was the most ergonomic, durable and adaptable on the market, with the Advantis Air control consoles being the ones selected within the GESAB portfolio of solutions.

Consolas de control remoto minera en Chile

The workstations had to comply with the complex characteristics requested by the client in terms of technical components, high density of equipment (large number of monitors and CPUs), adjustable in height to allow operators to modify their posture during their workday and curved shape.

Large volume of Advantis Air sit & stand consoles

The main challenge faced by GESAB was to ensure that both the 24 curved Advantis Air consoles with a sit & stand elevation system for 8 monitors and the 3 additional consoles for supervisors, with the same characteristics but with 3 monitors, would have a robust lifting system in which the work surfaces will support all the weight due to the density of equipment. The operators’ workstations were complemented with ergonomic supports for the high number of monitors that had to be implemented and that allowed for proper cabling management.

Advantis Air para minera en Chile

A fully satisfactory end result

The end result of the remote monitoring center for process management is an innovative critical space where operators can work safely and healthily. The expectations of the client were highly met by the GESAB team both in design and ergonomics.

Client: Mining company
Country: Chile
Sector: Mining
About Mining company: A leading company in the mining sector in Chile.

Data sheet


Implementation of the personalized remote control center.


Customized Advantis Air control consoles, ergonomic monitor arms and meeting table.



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