Custom designed control center for a mining in Chile

Advantis NG control consoles designed to achieve operational and ergonomic development of 23 operators

The project to implement a new control center in Chile for one of the largest gold mining companies in the world came from PINOX, GESAB’s main partner in the country.

Control center in Chile

Focused on the well-being of the operator, innovation and design

GESAB’s initial proposal, in which a personalized, minimalist design, with a high technological level and focused on the well-being of the operators prevailed, was what made our client choose us to carry out the implementation of their new control center.

To meet the high technical requirements and the high level of customization of the project, the implementation of the Advantis NG technical furniture was chosen to achieve the ergonomic and operational development of the 23 operators.

Completely personalized design and distribution of furniture adapted to the space

The high technical standards demanded by the client produced various modifications in the design and furniture distribution proposals initially put forward.

An example of this was the various adjustments that had to be made to the shape of the consoles so that they could be adapted to the available space and, at the same time, meet all the aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

The technical furniture was divided into three different areas:

  • In the main area, 3 Sit & Stand consoles were implemented in such a way as to form a perfect curve completely adapted to the architectural design of the room. This arrangement of concave consoles was placed in front of the first direct LED video wall in the sector placed convexly, ensuring the most appropriate visual angles and ergonomic design.
  • In the main control centre zone there is another important strategic area: the crisis and meeting room. In this space, a table was designed with a capacity for 13 users, completely personalised and with the connections in the personal dock incorporated in an aesthetic way.
Control room in Chile
  • In addition, 20 straight Advantis NG consoles were implemented for complementary areas and 4 personalized “L” shaped consoles for area supervisors and managers.
Control center in Chile

Versatile solutions for a fully satisfactory result

GESAB’s technical and design capacity, as well as the joint work with our integrator, has allowed us to guarantee optimal communication with our final customer at all times and provide versatile solutions adapted to each of their needs, finally obtaining a fully satisfactory result. : a modern, technological control center focused on the well-being of operators.

Control center in Chile
Country: Chile
Sector: Mining
About : Gold mining company

Data sheet


Implementation of customized control center.


Customized Advantis NG control consoles, sit & stand, crisis and meetings rooms.



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