Unique design control console for a leading energy company

Unique design in a control console for energy management.

The control center of the energy company required a technical furniture that met the highest ergonomic and safety standards to guarantee an optimal and functional work environment for their operators.

Consola de control PROCETRADI Perú

Teamwork to reach the best solution

Thus, in collaboration with PROCETRADI, one of the main partners of GESAB inthe region, the project was coordinated from the begining: a proposal was drawn jointly between achitects and engireers of each company for the implementation of the most adequate control console, always considering that it must have maximum connectivity to create an efficient and safe environment.

To carry out the project, some first visits were made to the control center in which the space, the needs and requirements of the client could be evaluated, in addition to knowing in situ the objectives to be achieved with the new technical furniture.

Advantis NG of singular and unique design

Considering everything commented on the first visits, it was decided to opt for an Advantis NG control console model due to its great capacity to organize all the cabling, its smart professional connections designed for the most critical 24/7 environments, as well as its design of simple and modern lines but robust and of high quality.


Most of the personalization for this control console came from the curved design that was decided, unique to this company, necessary for the task of the room operators. The complexity of the design was given in the curve finishes in all the endings and the total symmetry throughout the console.

In the console, in addition to having the elements of the Advantis NG model, technical bucks were implemented in a fully integrated way in the design to offer a grater comfort and safety for the general management of cabling, equipment and connections.

A fully satisfactory final result

The final result of the project developed with PROCETRADI is a control console that meets the ergonomics and quality required by the client. Also, the integration of all the equipment and cabling, as well as the high quality standards and certifications fulfilled, carried out the project to be a complete success.

Centro de control Procetradi Perú
Procetradi logo
Client: Energy company
Country: Peru
Sector: Energy
About Energy company: It is one the leading companies in the energy sector in Peru.

Data sheet


Renewal of the operation control console for the control center with scada system.


Custom Advantis NG control console



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