Control center with the highest technological levels at Doha Oasis, Qatar

Ergonomics, high technology and a highly demanding project

The Doha Oasis project is a commercial, high-end housing and entertainment complex including an amusement park located in the city of Doha, in Qatar. The construction needed to implement a control center of the highest technological level and with the highest standards due to the importance and complexity of the site and its facilities. Siemens Middle East, project integrator, presented and recommended GESAB as the highest quality and customization capacity line of furniture for control rooms, thanks to the extensive collaboration between both companies and the level of satisfaction in other projects carried out jointly.

A great challenge of integration

One of the biggest challenges for GESAB was the integration of peripheral equipment and gadgets in the control consoles since the client required the installation of touch screens, ultra-panoramic monitors, induction chargers or RFI readers, so it had to be carried out an ergonomic study position by position. The technological requirements of the crisis room also proved to be an arduous task.

The complexity of the project for Doha Oasis was considerable due to the requirements of the client, such as meeting a specific shape and aesthetic, requiring a circular shape for the continuity to the concept of the building, logo and control room.

GIE VR technology to view high quality renders

GESAB had the opportunity to be part of the project from the stage of the design, being able to show the quality of its services and the added value of its products. The team worked with sketches, ergonomic studies and different furniture proposals that were presented at each step in a technical and graphic way, managing to impress the client by using very high quality renders and GIE VR technology created internally by GESAB.

Finally, the control consoles chosen were Advantis NG with Sit & Stand system adaptable to the several configurations of 24/7 work environments and allowing a healthy work environment for the operator. The consoles were complemented by 24/7 ergonomic chairs 24/7 to create a workspace completely adapted to current health and ergonomic requirements.

The circular shape of the LED videowall was a very important task of visual ergonomics as well as an engineering challenge due to its 7 meters height at the top, which made necessary to leave a considerable space in front of the first line of operators to allow the entrance of the maintenance crane.

The work done on the design of the crisis room was even more extensive, considering that it is the place where the most high-profile decisions are made during an exceptional situation. For this, a meeting table with the integration of retractable equipment, induction chargers for users and a very specific communication system that remained hidden in the personal connections area was proposed.

Reference project in the Qatari market

The knowledge of ergonomic regulations and their correct application, as well as the extensive experience in the industry of GESAB were essential. Despite the complexity of the project, the communication between all parties was fluid, always working with a common goal and total transparency, which made it possible to complete the project with an exceptional result.

The aesthetics of GESAB products was key due to the evident tendency towards a technical, modern, minimalist and elegant style of the client.

The manufacturing, warehouse and quality team of GESAB made possible that FAT technical validations were in accordance with the design and for the manufacturing to be a success, achieving the approval of the integrator.

The Doha Oasis global project is a reference in the Qatari market and a further step for the collaboration between GESAB and Siemens.

Doha Oasis
Client: Doha Oasis
Country: Qatar
Sector: Private sector construction
About Doha Oasis: Doha Oasis comprises a high-end mixed-use -commercial and residential- construction in the heart of Musheireb and whose objective is to build a healthy and sustainable future.

Data sheet


Design of Advantis NG consoles adapted to the customer’s oval room and integration of equipment for the main control room. Design and assembly of the Crisis Room of the main control center of the complex.


Customized Advantis NG control consoles, meeting table with technological applications and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.


20 positions and 14 users in crisis room

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