Custom control centers for the African Union Commission

Sit & stand Advantis Air for the Early Warning System for transboundary risk management

Centro de control de Kenia
Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) control center at Nairobi, Kenya

The International Center for Environmental Monitoring Research Foundation (CIMA Foundation), is an Italian non-profit organization whose objectives are scientific research focused on mitigating the risk of natural disasters or the conservation of forest biodiversity. Thus, it became involved in the new project of the African Union Commission consisting of the implementation of 24/7 Situation and Coordination Rooms where the new Early Warning System can be managed as well as the alerts and cross-border risks on the African continent.

Being a project with funds from the European Union, the CIMA Foundation presented a public tender to which companies expert in control centers could apply, with GESAB finally being chosen by presenting the most appropriate solutions.

Centro de control de Niger
Continental Situation Room control room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Salas de control en Kenia, Etiopía y Níger

Control rooms in Kenya, Ethiopia and Niger

The project had three control rooms located in different parts of the continent. On the one hand, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) room in Nairobi, Kenya; on the other, the Continental Situation Room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and finally, the Continental Multi-Hazard Advisory Center in Niamey, Niger.

All the control rooms must had high-quality and ergonomic technical furniture that would make it easier for the operators to develop 24/7 work. For this reason, the Advantis Air with sit & stand system were chosen, a light model with more modern lines to give a greater sense of spaciousness in each room, since they were not large spaces, complemented by sillas ergonómica 24/7.

Several layouts to meet the strictest needs

After the adjudication of the project, the team of architects and engineers experts of GESAB developed several layout and renders where they also showed different interior design proposals.

Centro de control de Etiopia
Continental Multi-Hazard Advisory Centre control room in Niamey, Niger

The collaboration among all the teams was very close with the aim of achieving the best final result. Thus, those responsible of the CIMA Foundation travelled to the facilities of GESAB at Llinars del Vallés (Barcelona) where they were able to see one of its consoles and confirm that the choice of the furniture, both in size and features, was appropiate.

Agile management for a satisfactory final result

Although the design and manufacturing process in the project was carried out without complications, when it came time to decide which transport was more suitable for the control consoles, the GESAB Logistics Department thoroughly studied the options, being the air transport the best. The team of installers and assemblers of GESAB traveled to Kenya to fine-tune the space, while in Niger and Ethiopia, given the situation in both countries, the installation was carried out by local teams with very good results.

The final result is three control rooms adapted to the needs of the objectives set by the African Union Commission where the management of the various alarms and alerts can be carried out dynamically and taking care of the health of its operators at all the time. In addition, the satisfaction of CIMA Foundation with all the departments of GESAB that participated in the project was maximum.

CIMA Foundation
Client: International Center for Environmental Monitoring Research Foundation
Country: Italia
Sector: Administración Pública
About International Center for Environmental Monitoring Research Foundation: The CIMA Foundation is a non-profit research institution of general interest. Its objective is to promote study, scientific research, technological development and advanced training in engineering and environmental sciences for the protection of public health, civil protection and protection of ecosystems.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of three 24/7 control cneters located in Kenya, Ethiopia and Niger.


Customized Advantis Air control consoles with sit & stand system and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.



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