Navantia Training Centre installs 44 positions of Advantis Evolution

A project with very specific technical requirements key to the development of their training activity.

The project of Navantia to equip its training facilities with greater technology involved the reform of a building in Cádiz, specifically in San Fernando, known as El Barco. The new Navantia Training Centre (NTC) is a strategic commitment of the company to have a center of reference in the field of naval training that will allow them to project the image inside and outside of Spain by allowing the development of training programs and other training and outreach activities for the naval and defense industry.

Navantis IPMS training room

In order to reach the maximum potential of the new training center, simulators from the Navantis family of products were placed in the four training rooms, and technical furniture was placed to allow the installation of electronic accessories necessary during training, optimal management of wiring and customization to your corporate image. Since Navantia had previously worked with GESAB on the project for a Training Center in Jeddah, knew the quality of its products and the extensive experience of its team, so once again counted on them for the implementation of these spaces.

44 positions in four rooms

EThe chosen model was Advantis Evolution, since its robustness offers great quality and durability, in addition to its unlimited configuration capacity that allowed Navantia to create a linear design with several consecutive positions and customize its sides with its logo, thus applying its corporate image on technical furniture.

Navantis CMS training room

The technical requirements requested to GESAB by Navantia for the control consoles were exclusive. On the one hand, plug & play spaces to place depending on training needs special joysticks, as well as special turrets to locate touch screens. On the other hand, the ergonomic arms of the monitors also met specific requirements, since they had to be dynamic, that is, not only rotate 360 ​​degrees but also have movement in the vertical axis.

The volume of audiovisual equipment that had to be included in the technical furniture was greater than usual, so small rack cabinets were included to give them adequate conditioned space.

Navantis BRIDGE training room

To finalize the unified design of the spaces, filing cabinets were provided for the nautical charts used during the training, maintaining the image of the technical furniture.

A unique large-scale project

The project has been a challenge for GESAB since the technical, electronic and design needs were very specific, having to meet very demanding requirements. In the operation of the control consoles, Navantia requested to be able to manually deactivate the LED lights in the corners of the furniture whose objective is to indicate its ends safely, with the aim of being able to achieve significant energy savings when the space is not In use.

The project has been an excellent opportunity for both companies to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to have a first-class training center of excellence in the Bay.

Navantis COMMS training room
Client: Navantia
Country: Spain
Sector: Industry
About Navantia: Navantia is a leading Spanish public company in the design and construction of high-tech military and civil ships, in addition to integrating systems and providing life cycle support services, repairs, modernizations and technology transfer in 20 countries. It represents the largest shipbuilding company in the Hispanic world, as well as the oldest and one of the most important in Europe.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of training positions with integrated technology in four rooms.


Personalized Advantis Evolution control consoles and ergonomic supports for monitors.



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