Custom Advantis NG for audiovisual content management

The first contact between Eurovision Services Madrid and GESAB was in 2019, when GESAB was involved in the implementation of the new control center for the broadcast services company in order to create a working environment that was perfectly adapted to their requirements.

Eurovision Services Madrid Advantis NG

Personalized consoles and custom add-ons for an improved working environment

The implementation of a customized control console with special turrets, ergonomic supports for large-format screens, ergonomic 24/7 display spaces for three operators in a digital control room in Madrid was the first step to determine whether the technical furniture chosen was the most appropriate to meet their needs.

The satisfaction with the solutions of GESAB led Eurovision Services Madrid to an additional order with greater scope for the implementation of the new control center.

Linear furniture for several operators adapted to the space

The project involved implementing two digital control rooms, one for 7 operators and the other for 5, each of them with special features.

On one hand, the room for five operators had a reduced space and a greater volume of screens had to be installed in the control consoles, which required them to be placed at different heights in order to have a complete view of the videowall. On the other hand, the first console for 3 operators, implemented in 2019 for the first room, was transferred to the room for 7 operators.

Advantis NG control consoles customized with the Eurovision Services Madrid logo on the side with ergonomic supports for large-format and heavy screens were chosen. Also, personalized turrets were made in the same white colour as the phenolic top of the consoles for the 19-inch equipment.

Finally, in the administration room, four individual Advantis Air control consoles with sit & stand system were fitted to offer a more ergonomic and healthier 24/7 working environment. These were complemented by the same ergonomic supports used for the other operators’ workstations.

A new critical environment that meets the highest expectations

The final result is a fully custom-made control center that meets the highest expectations of Eurovision Services Madrid, where the operators can carry out their dizzying work in an agile and effective way without neglecting ergonomics and their health. In addition, the large-format screens installed in the control consoles and the videowalls of both digital control rooms perfectly complement the set-up.

Eurovision Services
Client: Eurovision Services Madrid
Country: Spain
Sector: Audiovisual
About Eurovision Services Madrid: Eurovision Services Madrid, a member company of the European Broadcasting Union, produces audiovisual content to later distribute it to the right audience in the right format and at the right time, such as event organizers, media organizations and sports federations.

Data sheet


Renewal, layout and implementation of the control center.


Custom Advantis New Generation control consoles and ergonomic supports for monitors.



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