High technological level and corporate design in Al Hamra Business Tower & Shopping Center, Kuwait

Homogeneous corporate aesthetics, customized Advantis NG consoles and dynamic KVM application for the access control room to the complex.

High technological level control room in Kuwait

The project for the CCTV control room and access control, as well as for the main management of Al Hamra Business Tower & Shopping Center began during the design of the complex itself, since the final client wanted to have the highest level in technology and quality in all the facilities, including the shopping center, the first part of the project to open.

The complex is a historical project of Kuwait that resulted in being the tallest sculptured tower in the world creating a precedent for the subsequent construction of more engineering marvels.

Al Hamra control room technical furniture

SEEDIS Security Solutions, official distributor of GESAB in Kuwait, worked very closely with the client thus leading the project to success. Together, they chose the most suitable strategic space inside a private area of the buiding with the objective of making it the most convenient to implemet the installations of technical furniture and centralize the necessary equipment for data management.

Once the space was selected, work began on several designs and renderings until the concept that the responsible of the project of the Al Hamra control room project had in mind was found.

Al Hamra control room

An essential requirement of the project was to maintain the corporate image of the Al Hamra Business Tower & Shopping Center in the room, so it was very important to homogenize the lighting aesthetic and the colours with the rest of the spaces in the complex. The need to correctly view the video wall from all the required positions in the control room and the lack of height in the space were the most important challenges that the GESAB and SEEDIS team must solve.

Advantis NG custom ergonomic

The solution proposed for the orthogonal control room was two Advantis NG control consoles, due to their high quality, ergonomics and great capacity for cabling organization, with three operators each one, offering the possibility of expanding the space to nine operators in the future. The project was complemented with Freedom 24/7 ergonomic chairs from Humanscale and two monitors per operator in which to manage a dynamic KVM application.

Al Hamra Advantis NG

The room had very good spatial features for a simple arrangement of technical furniture, allowing to offer to operators an ergonomic space and avoiding the inclusion of cabinets under the work surface. In this way, the space for the legs of the operatos and the dissipation of heat and noise in the room was optimized, resulting in control consoles of simple configuration but perfectly adapted to the available space and that cover the specific needs required by the final client.

GESAB worked together with SEEDIS Security Solutions on a well-studied final solution thanks to a comfortable project deadline established by the client.

Final result: a high level project

The project developed for Al Hamra Business Tower & Shopping Center in Kuwait has been a of great importance and a high-level reference for GESAB, thus achieving a further step in the business strategy in Middle East.

The important consideration that the end user gives to maintaining a technical, modern, minimalist and elegant style was a key point for the selection of GESAB as part of the project, since the innovative design of its technical furniture was pleasantly accepted.

Logo Al Hamra Business Tower & Shopping Center
Client: Al Hamra Real Estate Company KSC
Country: Kuwait
Sector: Private sector construction
About Al Hamra Real Estate Company KSC: Al Hamra Real Estate Company KSC is a Kuwaiti joint-stock company in charge of managing one of the most prestigious projects in the region: Al Hamra Business Tower & Shopping Center

Data sheet


Design and implementation of Advantis NG control consoles for the control room of the complex.


Custom Advantis NG control consoles and Freedom ergonomic chairs of Humanscale.


6 operators

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