New dispatching room for energy management in the United States

Implementation of highly-customized Advantis NG control consoles in the United States

BrightRidge, an American public energy company, wanted to implement a solution that offered high quality, functionality and ergonomics in the new Dispatching room at its plant in Johnson City, Tennessee, for the control and management of its local electricity services. Therefore, it was presented a highly-customized technical furniture design, both for the control room and the crisis room.

A space adapted to operators

The new control room had to provide the greatest ergonomics to the operators in a safe and functional workspace in which to operate 24/7. Being able to access all the alerts, manage all the systems and visualize the data in the best possible way was essential for the client.

In order to achieve the objective, a design of curved Advantis NG control consoles with a sit & stand system was proposed, thus providing an efficient work environment that cares for the health of the operators at the same time, since it allows BrightRidge team to raise the console and perform their activity both standing and sitting, further improving their productivity, efficiency and well-being.

Brightridge Advantis NG

For BrightRidge was essential to achieve a personalized space both in the configuration of the space and in the design of the furniture, so it was decided to use their corporate colors and logos, thus adding a distinctive touch to the entire space.

The main focus of the project was to create a modern and pleasant environment in the dispatch room, so light colors and a visually appealing aesthetic were chosen to reflect the innovation and technology of the client.

Crisis room: an added value

Adjacent to the control room, GESAB implemented a meeting room where the team can carry out strategic and collaborative discussions that reinforce the effectiveness of operations and decision making.

Due to the weight of the crisis room at the organizational level, the layout of the videowall in the control room was defined considering the position of the operators in the space, ensuring that they had a complete view of the data displayed on the videowall during the meetings and that essential information in real time was not hindered.

The implemented Advantis NG meeting table was also designed following the corporate parameters and it was complemented with an AV cabinet from the same family.

The collaboration of all parties resulted in a highly efficient, modern, ergonomic and customized dispatch room that meets all the expectations of BrightRidge. The commitment to the health of the operators, efficiency and corporate aesthetics proved to be key to the success of this project.

Brightridge logo
Client: BrightRidge
Country: USA
Sector: Energy
About BrightRidge: BrightRidge is a public energy company born in Johnson City, Tennessee (USA) that provides locally electricity.

Data sheet


Implementation of the new customized dispatching room and crisis room for the control and management of energy.


Advantis NG control consoles and meeting table with personalized sit & stand system.



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