25 years leading the control console market

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25 years ago GESAB launched its first technical furniture model. It was Tecnolan, a robust and stable furniture which, at the same time, offered the maximum adaptability, flexibility and functionality to the most demanding critical environments. This high-performance system of professional organization has known how to adapt to a changing market that is increasingly rigorous in terms of ergonomics and health care for control room operators, which is why after so many years of life it has been able to evolve to continue being one of the essential pillars in the company portfolio.

Tecnolan Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo

Tecnolan technical furniture is not alone in this story

In the year 2000 the Console View and Console Call control consoles were born, two models of more modern lines that offered to control rooms the capacity of house a greater quantity of equipment.

But society and critical environmnets continued to advance in their requirements and demands, and the need for consoles with high added-value features wasn’t long in coming. That is why the big leap arrived in 2004 due to the birth of Advantis Series and the Advantis Evolution model, which had a structural beam where to safely and functionally organize all the cabling of the equipment, an ergonomic design able to support 24/7 work and a greater number of connectivity points. The result was a control console designed by the GESAB team of experts whose objective was none other than lead the change in most demanding tehnological environments.

Since that first Advantis, the progress to new more innovative, technological, modern and ergonomic designs was unstoppable. Consoles as Advantis ADN+ and Advantis ONE catapulted GESAB to leadership in the technical furniture market for control centers.

Advantis NG, a reference model throughout the world

The presence of Advantis began to be more and more widespread in the sector, its name increasingly heard among prescribers and integrators and its control consoles increasingly admired by competing companies.

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But GESAB always seeks continuous improvement in its products and its team works all the year with the unique objective of designing solutions that anticipate the needs of the future. Advantis NG appeared to revolutionize the market by having the sit & stand option, a system that allows operators to work both sitting and standing up, thus taking care of their health. The work of an operator is intense and demanging, so being able to work at different heights changing posture in the workspace itself is an advantage that few campanies offered. Nowadays, the Advantis NG console is a referent in the market due to its design, quality of materials and customization capacity, adapting to any space, shape or sector and always offering the highest standards in ergonomics.

After years of research, GESAB once again revolutionized the technical furniture market by launching ACTEA Series; a unique and innovative concept that offered control centers the possibility of implementing the most powerful consoles ever created, of a close type and with cutting-edge materials and designs. Therefore, the Advantis Serie finally had a sibling that complemented it perfectly. Two Series that advance hand in hand and in parallel thus allowing GESAB to cover all market sectors.

Riyadh showroom Actea

In 2019 Advantis Air was released on the market, a minimalist and dinamic control console perfect for the new era of control rooms, where demands are focusedon lighter, clearer spaces and with furniture that allow to have more personal space.

Two years later, the continuos contact of GESAB with the market carried the design and ingeneering team to design a model that could be defined as the counterpoint to Advantis Air: Advantis Pod had the objective of covering a niche of critical environments where a high equipment density at the operator workspace was imperative.

Smart Consoles: the future of control consoles

After 25 years of research to achieve perfection in a furniture that cover all the requirements of an absolutely demanding market, GESAB is still maintaining the undisputed leader throughout the world. Customers endorse the work of the entire team, as well as each executed process while acting as prescribers, the partners network throughout the planet grows every day and competing companies try to imitate the lines and designs of their consoles. GESAB sets a trend and the rest of the sector follows it. It advances based on the needs of the market; always listening, always attentive, always taking care of the smallest detail and always ready to personalize each project because the client is part of its family.

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GESAB never stops and has designed Smart Consoles, the consoles of the future that improve the user experience by significantly increasing the productivity, safety and health of operators through the most disruptive and innovative technology.

Without a doubt, GESAB continues being a guarantee of the future.

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