How to improve efficiency? Automatization is the answer


Achieving high efficiency and productivity is something that every company wants, since it will allow them to reach the best possible results with a less effort. Sometimes, corporations themselves run out of ideas or resources to increase the effiiency of the tasks developed by employees or the processes in place, so they are paralyzed and don’t know how to move fordward to achieve the 100% of their executive capacity.

One of the options that is usually use for the resources optimization is to reduce the recurring tasks that occupy the most time for workers outside the field of creativity, and that provide little benefits without, usually, stopping to think that they can have a negative impact on operations. That is why, introducing improvements in the productivity of a company allowing technology to be in charge of these tasks that were previously carried out by people and that it was decided to stop executing, is synonymous of success.

Thus, these tasks can be done faster, considerably improving efficiency, applying these advantages to the performance of several departments, from TI to human resources and other administrative areas.

Today there is a lot of number of internal processes in almost all areas of company (human resourdes, finances, TI, administration, production, marketing…) that are likely to be automated, fully or partially, saving costs in those areas and allowing to address new challenges with greater agility and dexterity. For example, if it is thought in the Human Resources Department, it can be considered tasks that can improve troductivity and agility when dealing the incorporation of a new component of the team, facilitating access to all information and digitizing the one that needs to be started its work inmediately.

In other areas, such us accounting, can be thought in automating the systems of expenses, transport or accomodation booking, and even the invoice management, also being able to obtain more accurate budgets and avoiding financial inconveniences in a more agile way.

And in the control center, how is the automation applied?

Through technologies, such as APITool, the execution time of certain actions can be reduced in a critical environment such as a control center, where giving a answer as inmediately as possible is crucial, since it allows automation of orders, which otherwise the operators should give, on previously defined scenarios.

The configuration and parametrization of the scenarios or events that cause these changes in work environment is very simple. This feature makes APITool different from other applications, as it does not require a specialist technician with programming knowledge. A system administrator with the minimum necessary training could develop it through its user interface. Why? It simply had to connect the actions that will happen in the environment with the triggers that will cause it.


Enabling direct integration with existing control centers systems, allowing other software to complement and communicate with each other, help the optimization of the processes. These processes, that are normally executed by people, but in many cases are time-consuming procedures that could be devoted to othe more creative tasks, are defined by the area involved before including them with our technologies.

In emergency situations where there are defined and procedural changes in the environment, having automatic executions based on behavior patterns helps to optimize processes and for operators to perform more agilely, paying attention to the emerging aspects of these critical events.

The integration of APITool with dynamic KVM DeskWall or the videowall content manager DataWall, proposes achieve 100% of the capacity of any critical environment. An adecuate selection of tools will allow operators to optimize their tasks, their effort and their concentration, enabling to avoid those events that, as they are repetitive, are managed automatically.


Automation as a synonym of benefit

In companies where there is a maturity in repetitive processes and detailed documentation or knowledge is available, the use of an application such as APITool is key, since it would optimize emergency situations or particular events where many of the tasks are carried out by people. , dedicating resources that could be allocated to less repetitive and more beneficial tasks for the companies.

Any business scenario in multiple business areas can be reproduced and optimized, APITool being a tool that supports in a simple way and with a friendly interface the possibility of seeking efficiency by adapting to changes to address new business challenges.

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