25 years working for a better world

That has been our goal since in 1991 when Barcelona saw the establishment of GESAB.

Since then, firm foundations were defined on which a company philosophy was built. A team of professionals, passionate, dynamic and committed to the maximum in each project, innovating in each solution, adapting to every need and providing a distinctive design.

During these 25 years, GESAB has positioned itself as a leader in the market, creating tailored solutions for critical work environments of different sectors both in the area of control centers as infrastructures for data centers around the world, as well as providing audiovisual solutions for environments 24/7.

With the opening of our office in Mexico, seven years ago, began a process of internationalization that has led GESAB to perform projects all over the world both for public administrations as for private entities.

The innovative attitude of all the people that form GESAB has led us to create not only unique products, like the revolutionary ACTEA control console, but new forms of presenting our projects, surprising our customers each day by creating an immersive experience through virtual reality.

GESAB history is the story of an entire team that, along with its customers, partners, suppliers, and collaborators have managed that we have contributed to live in a more connected, safer and sustainable world.

In GESAB, we have already imagined the future. We are prepared and we believe in our dream. We are not satisfied with 25 years. We will continue making the difference to create a better world.

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