Innovations for control centers in InterTraffic Mexico

mailing intertrafic 2016
  • GESAB goes to InterTraffic with the latest innovations in monitoring centers for the traffic industry.
  • The stand visitors may live a virtual reality experience thanks to GESAB and the GIE VR system.

From November 16 to November 18, GESAB will attend the next edition of InterTraffic Mexico 2016, a reference event for the traffic industry in Mexico.

A United Nations report expects that 66% of the population will live in urban areas by 2050. This fact poses a serious challenge for the public services and organizations at the time of ensuring suitable infrastructures and services to meet the mobility needs of the population.

GESAB’s participation is framed within this scenario with comprehensive solutions for state-of-the-art security and monitoring centers. The event will be attended by the ACTEA and Advantis NG consoles, two examples of functionality and technology that are perfectly suited to management centers and traffic control needs. In addition, the stand will have a video wall of 3×2 70”cubes and another of 2×2 55” cubes, a small sample of GESAB’s audiovisual offer, which will include the first laser videowall presented in Mexico.

Thanks to its Know-How and experience, GESAB designs and implements control rooms for the management and control of traffic and security. A good example is the control center for the Abertis’ AP6 highway or the traffic monitoring room in the Spanish city of Valencia.

GESAB’s stand visitors at InterTraffic will discover this and other projects in first person, thanks to the GIE VR system (Gesab Immersive Experience). Through reality virtual, the visitors can feel inside a monitoring center.

25 years of experience vouch for GESAB’s international career in various projects for different sectors, which has allowed GESAB to consolidate itself as a reference in control and monitoring centers in Latam.

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