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iluminación dinámica centros de control

Adapting the environment for efficient operator performance

As human beings, we have evolved for millennia with a single source of daylight: the Sun. On many occasions we are forced to spend much of our time indoors with little input of natural light and this change in lifestyle means that we spend less time exposed to natural light.

nightshift operator

How ergonomics can improve the productivity of night shift operators

The connection between health and ergonomics is a close and interdependent one. Ergonomics is the science of designing and arranging workspaces, products, and systems to fit the people who use them, with the goal of improving efficiency, safety, and comfort. This field plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining

Advantis Air consolas de control ligeras

How to choose a professional control console?

One of the main objectives of the consoles in the control centers is to maximize the operability of the workers. For this reason, we must make sure to choose a console that suits the needs and characteristics of our control room, whatever its type is: security, air traffic control, cybersecurity,

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs for control centers

The task chair is one of the most important elements in a critical environment, such as a control room, and can have a negative effect on the health of users if it is not chosen correctly. A good choice of a tast chair will be directly reflected in the productivity

How much do you value your health?

There is a worrying global trend that is the worsening health and sense of well-being in the population, a problem that if applied to workers negatively affects the performance and productivity of company. And for employers that offer health insurance, in addition, it also implies an increasing cost. The following

Consolas de control

25 years leading the control console market

25 years ago GESAB launched its first technical furniture model. It was Tecnolan, a robust and stable furniture which, at the same time, offered the maximum adaptability, flexibility and functionality to the most demanding critical environments. This high-performance system of professional organization has known how to adapt to a changing

Consolas de control Achinsk Refinery

Must a control console comply with ergonomic standards?

The new agile, collaborative and increasingly demanding work models with the efficiency of equipment and services lead us to rethink if the furniture adapts to the functional needs of the operators. It is common for the user to expect to obtain more gadgets and features in their workspace, with increasingly

Ergonomia diseno CCD

Ergonomics in design

Ergonomics is the science that allows working in an efficient and healthy way in our workstation. To be able to create an ideal space, it is necessary to combine a series of conditions that include the lighting, the environment, the furniture, etc

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