The commitment to the environment of GESAB

Compromiso medio ambiente

Although the greenhouse effect is a process that occurs naturally in the atmosphere of our planet, since the industrial revolution this process has been accelerating. The activities that humans carry out every day are changing the composition of the atmosphere by emitting gases that can remain in it for more than 50 years.

More than half of the emissions of carbon dioxide, the most important long-lived gas of climate change, takes a century to be removed from the atmosphere while about 20% of the CO2 emitted remains intact for millennia.

These data have triggered all the alerts in the last century to the point that the Generalitat of Catalonia created in 2010 the Program of Voluntary Agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the Catalan Office for Climate Change. This program offers tools and recognition to all organizations with operations in the Autonomous Community that, on a voluntary basis, wish to establish a commitment to reduce their emissions.

How could it be otherwise, GESAB, in its commitment to protecting the environment, has renewed its adherence to this program for another year certifying that it is a responsible party for reducing CO2 emissions through various requirements:

  • Carrying out an inventory of your greenhouse gas emissions and its annual monitoring.
  • Implementation of measures to reduce gas emissions.
  • Public disclosure of good practices carried out with the purpose of reducing emissions.

Some of the actions carried out by GESAB to achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions are mainly related to electricity consumption, its own fleet vehicles or fossil fuels. Some examples of these actions are:

  • Substitution of diesel vehicle for hybrid vehicle in the own fleet of vehicles.
  • Replacement of conventional luminaires with LED luminaires.
  • Incorporation of presence sensors for the entrance of the facilities.
  • Elimination of the boiler and increase in the number of climate equipment.

GESAB seeks inspire from within the company not only with the execution throughout the world of the various projects, designs and creations, but also with its policy of caring for the environment. In each request great challenges are faced always putting people at the center and bringing the team together around a shared project, innovating and enjoying what is done.

A clear example of such environmental protection policies lies in the use of less harmful materials. For the construction of control consoles , aluminum is used, an infinitely recyclable, flexible but strong material, which makes the products in pieces of excellent durability allowing, consequently, less renovation of technical furniture and, therefore, reducing manufacturing processes and waste.

The Catalan Office for Climate Change grants all companies adhering to the Program of Voluntary Agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a label that certifies their commitment through a single code:

Compromiso GESAB medio ambiente reducción CO2
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