Identity and essence, the GESAB evolution

Identidad GESAB

Since GESAB began its journey in 1991, the evolution of the company has been unstoppable, continuously adapting to the higher customer demands. Technological needs are increasing, and designs evolve over the time. That is why the professionals from the various departments of GESAB haven’t stopped their research to find more ergonomic shapes that facilitate the work in 24/7 environments, develop more powerful technological applications and obtain materials of the highest quality and durability; and all these factors without neglecting sustainability and concern for the environment.

These changes are not only reflected in the products and services offered at GESAB, but the identity of the brand and the business culture, which shows the essence of the company and the starting point of strategic decisions, have been adapted to the circumstances of the environment and the market to meet the objectives set reflecting the evolution of the company.

The mission and vision include a new focus on cutting-edge designs and the market position of the control centers that GESAB can achieve given its continuous search for innovation; while the values, with fewer changes, continue to focus on honesty or self-demand, among others, always placing people at the center of everything.


Referring to the identity of the brand, the GESAB PIN was born with very pure lines and without ornaments, showing the initial corporate colors. With the growth of the company, the brand was also transformed, adding complexity to its image until reaching the PIN of 2007, with lines that gave it prominence, thus alluding to the perfect balance that GESAB was adopting due to the growth of the portfolio of products and services to fulfill with customer expectations.
This 2020 it was decided to simplify the lines even more to reflect a customer-oriented business culture, which leaves the superfluous and the elements that don’t add value and distract from the essential objective.

The evolution of companies to adapt to the changing environments generated by the turbulent times that we live, is increasingly necessary. GESAB has always been ahead of these changes by offering state-of-the-art control consoles or data centers.

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