DeskWall for NOC and SOC centres, the definitive tool


The security control centres are critical work spaces from which a large amount of information is managed, access to compromised areas or simply safeguards the own security of certain facilities or places.

Whatever its purpose, the operators of the room are subject to high pressure and the complexity of controlling numerous sources of information, be they security cameras, software, satellite signals, etc. The challenge is found when we do not have adequate tools to facilitate the operator’s daily task.

Usually we find scenarios in which the workplace has several screens, with several mice and keyboards to try to fully manage all sources of information and different systems used. Solutions that are not practical, reduce performance and productivity, and are, in terms of ergonomics, counterproductive.

The experience in control centres

GESAB has an experience of more than 28 years developing solutions for control centres at an international level. Experience that has allowed to know thoroughly the daily work in these critical environments and the difficulties faced by users in these rooms. Developing solutions adapted to their needs, complying with the highest standards in ergonomics and health for operators has always been the challenge of GESAB, always offering innovative tools for control centres.

DeskWall arrives

The dynamic KVM of GESAB allows the management, administration, control of equipment and information sources through a single keyboard and mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas. GESAB has created a new work philosophy that gives the operator the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a viewing space of up to 12Kh where to organize all its applications, programs, displays, app, smart apps, web services, IP video, streaming , social networks or widgets.

DeskWall converts the increasing complexity of systems and the large number of information into an intuitive experience. A global vision, personalized and flexible from multiple sources to have everything under control. Better decisions, faster and more efficient in the control centre.

Within the scenario of security control centres, DeskWall is established as the definitive tool, allowing the operator to configure his own workspace. It does not matter with the number or form of information sources that count, with DeskWall the user has complete freedom to configure their workspace.

Maximum ergonomics for the operator

In addition, DeskWall allows creating differentiated zones to place the most important information in the main area, with a secondary area and annexed areas. In this way the operator can locate the different sources of information depending on their importance and frequency of use. One more step towards digital visual ergonomics thanks to GESAB.

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