Discover the Sit & Stand system, an ergonomic improvement for control centres

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The problems resulting from physical inactivity are directly related to musculature and joints afflictions in general, but there are other implications, cardiovascular problems and weight gain are a growing problem.

Our body is not designed to be sitting down or resting so many hours as it is today, just think that in a normal work day the employee spends about 8 hours sitting down. The numbness feeling and fatigue appears in these cases as well as discomfort in the back, neck and legs.

A recommended practice is to alternate working periods sitting down with movement through walks and exercises, to which a combination of work sitting down and standing up can help. Hence the importance of having lifting technical furniture to offer to the operator a better ergonomics and ensure health conditions at work.

GESAB trusts in developing functional and safe work stations, and its consoles incorporate the Sit & Stand system allowing to alternate those two work concepts. The Advantis NG console is a perfect example of this system’s ergonomics, since it allows you to perform the work from a relaxed and sitting down position to a more energetic standing up. Likewise, as physical inactivity is negative for our health so is standing for long periods, the human body is not designed for that.

The key, as always, we will find it in the balance and in the right combination between sitting down and standing up working periods. The optimum could be work for one hour and a half or two hours sitting down and alternate it with 15 minutes standing up. Thus, we manage to stretch the muscles and flee from the loosening-up of the chair and forced postures that we always take.

The operator is always the one to have the option to choose his way of working and how to manage those activity and rest periods. What we will get is a positive impact on our health in general: we stretch the muscles, we activate blood circulation and encourage several processes such as decision taking, thinking or problem solving. In addition, work standing up makes us more energetic since the feeling of urgency reigns, ‘I have to do it now’, that can help us in certain projects or tasks.

We can prevent work stations from adversely affect our health and our performance, we just need that much-needed and a system that allows us to find it.

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