Technology and innovation for control rooms at Barco Forum Day

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  • GESAB was present on the innovation day organized by Barco at its new headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium.
  • Visitors were able to know GESAB’s project for Barco: a custom control center with the consoles of the future.

On October 27, GESAB attended the Barco Forum Day, a day dedicated to the innovation and the progress of the technology at the service of information. Barco organized, in its new recently opened showroom in Belgium, a day to talk about digital transformation and new solutions to improve the connectivity in work places.

For over 25 years GESAB has developed comprehensive solutions for control rooms in which ergonomics, new technologies, design and innovation are the keys of its projects. A detailed study of the customer’s needs allows to customize all the aspects of the room.

GESAB went to the meeting to show its developments for control centers. The participants could know the features of its next generation consoles and of its integrated systems, that allow to create state-of-the-art control rooms.

In addition, visitors had the opportunity to know GESAB’s projects in a new way, through an immersive virtual reality experience. Thanks to the GIE VR system (Gesab Immersive Experience) we feel inside, for example, a control center, knowing its features and walk through the room, in spaces that do not yet exist.

Inside the new Barco showroom is the control center of the future designed by GESAB where visitors can discover the tailored consoles for Barco’s headquarters project. Next generation consoles like the Advantis NG, that thanks to its adjustable Sit & Stand allows to work at a double height. Also, offers to the operator a better access to the connections and the maximum efficiency in the design to work in environments 24/7 with high requirements.

The collaboration between Barco and GESAB has come a long way offering in its joint projects global and highly technological solutions to offer the maximum quality to the customer. Examples of this success are some of the projects developed for the Mallorca Airport’s CGA, the Maritime Rescue Control Center, or the Center for the Prevention of money laundering in Banco Azteca, Mexico. A collaboration that has enabled to develop significant projects for very different sectors and will continue to offer custom comprehensive solutions in the future.

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