GESAB becomes more global


Since 1991, GESAB have been at the cutting edge of the technology, design, production and integration of technological environments, shaping sophisticated strategies so that the most ambitious business projects are successful.

After so many years of knowledge and experience, our company is becoming increasingly international. We planned the expansion of GESAB´s business activities worldwide to be able to provide our solutions to a large number of companies. Our target is to provide even better service and for that we are reinforcing our International Department.

For this reason, our international team is growing very quickly and we are moving fast to be able to meet the requirements of all companies all over the world.

The acquisition of talent is key for GESAB´s strategy. The attitude and competence of the professionals of GESAB are part of our strength and we keep working very hard to provide the most innovative solutions for control rooms, decision centers, data centers, audiovisuals matters, and a wide range of project.

The decisive factor behind this strategy result is the strong performance of GESAB in key areas, such as efficiency, the job market, technology, innovation and corporate culture, and also the experience we already have in all continents, in countries as Holland, Oman, Mexico or USA.

The key to successful internationalization unquestionably lies with the head of the company and top management. In GESAB we are aware that in order to be able to operate internationally, it is vitally important to have a management team with the necessary expertise. Our strategy is to invest areas that directly generate competitive advantages. These areas include research and development and employee creativity.

All with the unique objective of offering the best services and products to our customers worldwide.

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