Basic aspects to consider in the design of a control room

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Control rooms are spaces with very specific characteristics that require a detailed study to optimize its use. Inside a control room may be a large number of operators, with a critical work for the reliability and productivity of the system. 24/7 environments where even the smallest detail must be studied. The consequences of an erroneous conception of the control room may have very negative effects on both operators and in the actual achievement of their goals.

Therefore, when planning the implementation of a control room, you must consider some basic points to ensure success:

• People: control centers have the latest technology and innovations, but this technology should always be at the service of people and ensure wellbeing and provide the necessary tools for a perfect performance.

• Conceptualization and design: Each project is unique and requires specific characteristics according to its own needs. A multidisciplinary team should analyze the necessary requirements, the working environment, the design of the positions of the operators in the control room and its distribution, the definition of flows (visits, maintenance, suppliers), procedures and operating manuals custom, and a unique and exclusive design adapted to the corporate image.

• Ergonomic: operators, as the end users of the control room, have maximum importance, so it is an essential condition to maximize the quality of life for users during their working day, reducing risks and increasing their welfare. Technical consoles play a key role here and should ensure maximum ergonomics, quality of life for both operators and maintenance personnel, reducing any risk, increasing their comfort to be more efficient and productive and adaptable to different users and requirements tasks.

Although these points are key, there are many factors to be taken into account such as the space of the room, the air conditioning, lighting, accessibility, maintenance, etc. All to devise an optimal control room.

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