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noticia Social Media Centro de Control

After years of being part of daily life of people and corporations, the power that social media and its users exercise over the decision-making of businesses is undeniable. Communication has reached its highest expression and any company already doubts the importance of listening and understanding in order to offer what the user wants.

Knowing in real time what is being said about the brand, its products or its actions in big and small corporations is essential to achive success, which is why social media control centers are opening a gap as an essential space. These centres allow to control the social part of the company and monitor in real time the trends, the customer service, the users opinions, as well as measure the social health of the brand in a single glance. In addition, they generate useful information for the marketing, sales, public relations and customer service team by providing real information of what is developing in the market or the real needs of users or future customers.

A social control centre must be prepared to be able to manage large amounts of information on an ongoing basis; the information does never stop because social media neither close nor rest. Therefore, it is essential to have a system that facilitates the management of numerous sources of information, these being the social media platforms in which the company has a profile, which allows to simultaneously control analytics of profiles, manage the publications taht are carried out, interact with users who request to contact the company, analyze social activity maps, etc.

Likewise, the audio-visual factor should not be forgotten: it will be essential to choose the most addecuate configuration of the monitor of the operators to display the information in a quickly and clearly, to help these professionals to manage it more effectively.

Thereby, the ability of the company to count on highly technological solutions will be a plus. GESAB has developed DeskWall, a dynamic KVM, which allows the operator to manage multiple sources of information on an immersive canvas adapting it to his needs. A great alternative for this type of rooms.

Currently there are organizations that already have a social media control center, since 2010 the American Red Cross have been one of them. This centre is used to collect information on the ground in case an event occurs, in addition to having data like never before in an emergency. It is a model of a different use from other entities, since rather than using it exclusively for brand reputation management, it helps to save lives. Other companies like Dell, Cisco or Movistar Colombia already have a control centre for social media.

Regardless of the final configuration of the room, it must have a functional, accessible and ergonomic equipment and facilities, where the operator is the star of the action. The control consoles used by operators should offer a unique user experinece, with a perfect connection between innovationa and functionality.

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