The Veolia’s Hubgrade Control Center designed by GESAB, an example of efficiency

  • GESAB will be in charge of executing the projects of the next Veolia rooms in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Energy efficiency management already represents a third of its invoicing.

The Hubgrade control center, located in Zamudio, Viscaya, is a beacon of energy efficiency control in Spain. The center, opened at the end of 2015 and designed by GESAB, manages the activity of the clients of the Veolia Group in Spain.

The Hubgrade project had a budget of 4.5 million euro and from said center, they perform tasks of client facility control, energy consumption reduction as well as expenses reduction.
The energy efficiency management through this center implies an invoicing of around 275 million euro and represents a third of its activity. The experience has been so beneficial that, by the end this year, Veolia will have another two centers in Madrid and Barcelona. GESAB will again be in charge of installing the two new centers.

GESAB took on the challenge of integrating, in a centralized space, the analysis and management of a large amount of data in order to optimize energy services. For that purpose, we envisioned a clear distribution in which operators could develop their work comfortably and part of the space was also destined to have two conference rooms, a control room chief position and another room of operations.

The integration of technologies such as Tele-management Remote Control, the installation of Energy Efficiency Software or the implementation of customer service tools to centralize it all in the same space was a big challenge to GESAB. Using the Advantis NG last generation consoles and installing an 8-cube video wall provides operators global control over their activity. In addition, for the conference rooms and the control room chief position, Veolia trusted GESAB, and the latter chose top quality furniture (Advantis NG tables and chairs for 24/7 environments) that guarantee maximum ergonomics in the workplace.

Hubgrade is definitely an efficient facility that will serve as a reference for future energy efficiency control centers.

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