Ergonomic Chairs for Control Centers

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When we talk about a control center, we must think of a workspace designed to endure constant work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a place where there is constant activity. The specific technical needs of these facilities require high-performance equipment, regarding audiovisual devices, furniture, lighting, etc. For that reason, GESAB develops specific projects for these control centers and control rooms considering the technical requirements and, thanks to its global studies, it is capable of designing customized and turnkey projects.

However, one of the main concepts when executing a project of these characteristics is ergonomics. The facilities must endure various work shifts with personnel with different physical characteristics. The room elements must be ready to adapt to any user and, at the same time, offer comfort and provide maximum security.

A key element that affects operator performance and efficiency are the chairs. Ergonomic chairs for control centers are specially designed to provide solutions for these critical work environments. They have special characteristics that make them adapt to any user, regardless of weight or height.

The chairs offered by GESAB provide the best ergonomic conditions to ease movement. Thanks to their design, the chairs adapt to the user’s back and posture: intuitive adjustment. In addition, they offer uninterrupted comfort thanks to the arm rests that move with the user and to the lack of tedious levers or adaptation systems: the chair adapts to the user.

Besides ergonomics, we aim at durability and resistance in all of the elements of the room. Consider that an ergonomic chair of a control room is used at least by 3 different people every day, continuously, which means quality is necessary. The materials with which all of the components of the chair are manufactured: back, seat, arm rests, etc., have a high performance guarantee. The chairs also have a wide catalog of accessories to extend their life cycle.

Choosing ergonomic furniture, especially chairs designed for the critical environment of control centers is important to guarantee the health of the operators and to improve efficiency in the work position.

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