Virtual reality applied to design


Virtual reality is already a reality in our society and, although there is still a long road ahead, its presence as a tool in the business sector is growing with each passing day.

When we think of virtual reality, our minds travel to videogames, which is normal given that the videogame industry is the one that started investing money to create immersive experiences.

Virtual reality is, in fact, a very interesting science that can be applied to various fields, such as medicine, transportation, education, architecture, interior design, etc. In this case, the use of virtual reality to experience space design has many advantages:

  • Using virtual reality, we can get a feel of the projects before starting their execution.
  • Saving money for possible modifications. If there is the need for redesigning the original project, it is much easier to make the necessary changes now instead of after the installation.
  • It makes it easier to make decisions given that we can see, feel and explore the project meticulously, instead of only seeing it though schematics, technical drawings or renders.
  • Immersive user experience: we can provide our costumer with more than just a project, we can offer them an experience linked to the project, with which they feel immersed in it.
  • Virtual reality is a universal language. We can present our project through international borders overcoming language and even cultural barriers, because everything is highly intuitive for the users.
  • Technological positioning of the company. Using virtual reality gives the company a positive reputation as an innovative and highly technological company, which boosts the company’s position regarding the competition.

GESAB is pioneer in the use of virtual reality and has been able to adapt to new technologies, developing its own virtual reality visualization system, the GIE VR (Gesab Immersive Experience) system. Users can feel as if they were inside a control room, enter the projects and even move through the rooms, change characteristics such as the color of the control consoles or the LED lights, or explore different points of view.

In a very intuitive manner, clients navigate and explore the different characteristics of their projects in a way that was impossible in the past, a realistic way. The ability to see that level of detail, even without making any installation, facilitates the decision-making process and speeds up the process.

The GESAB team is expert in the execution of this kind of project visualization through virtual reality as a means for exploring new ways of communication with clients and always has an eye in the future.

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