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Nture inspired design control rooms

Nature-inspired control room design: a path towards regenerative environments

In the fast-paced world of control room design, where efficiency and functionality are paramount, the integration of nature-inspired elements is emerging as a crucial consideration. As we confront the challenges of sustainability and well-being in our built environments, designers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration and guidance. In this

Control center in Chile

Sustainable control rooms. A reality within our reach

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, the quest for sustainability extends to every facet of our modern infrastructure and control centers, pivotal hubs of coordination and management, are no exception to this paradigm shift. As the demand for efficient and eco-friendly operations continues to rise, it becomes imperative

GESAB videowall graphic controller

Videowall and graphic controllers: boosting efficiency in control centers

Traditionally, the videowall has been a tool dedicated to displaying information in professional environments or control rooms, but nowadays it is used in various environments with a wide variety of applications, such as advertising, corporate presentations or live broadcasts of sport events. The videowall is a vertical surface made up


How the dynamic KVM technology makes the work of the operators easier

Nowadays, operators can access only a certain part of the required information from their workplace, forcing them to physically change between different positions, having on each of them with one or more keyboards and mice to be able to control different systems and equipment. These changes that adapt and normalize

cables prototipado

3D printing: cost savings on prototypes

The creation of functional prototypes is an important part of the product development process, among which there may be different types with different purposes. We can count on “fast prototypes” whose objective is to quickly, agilely and inexpensively verify certain functionalities, forms or proportions; they are usually needed in the

Why obsolete technical furniture makes the control center inefficient

In many control centers it can be thought that good technical furniture is eternal, however, the quick evolution of technology and the growing awareness of the importance of the human factor limit the solutions of the past, forcing control sonsole manufacturers to challenge themselves and think now about the ability

Salas de reuniones experiencia de usuario.jpg

Take care of the user experience in your meeting rooms

The meeting room is the core of any company, since it is where big decisions for the future, ideas or agreements are made and suppliers and clients, both current and future, are received. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the appearance it reflects and, even more, the

kvm dinamico gesab

Dynamic KVM vs Traditional KVM: when systems improve efficiency

The market of the KVM systems has been revolutionized in the last years by a new generation called dynamic KVM. These systems, beyond the traditional philosophy of connecting a monitor to a remote CPU where a complete image is displayed, have come to offer the possibility of managing multiples images


How the design can make objects work better

In our first article dedicated to design, more specifically to the method called User Centered Design, we could see how the objects designed by placing the end user at the center of the process turn out to be a success. The objective of this aspect involve the user that finally

Latencia KVM

The importance of KVM IP latency

The transmission systems of image, keyboard and mouse or KVM were created to make it easy for users to operate multiple computers at the same time. Initially, they were local switches that allowed the sources located in the operator station to be viewed and managed using a single keyboard and

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