GESAB continues to advance in its commitment to sustainability

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Caring for the environment and sustainability have been part of GESAB’s work philosophy for several years.

The use of the highest quality materials allows the technical furniture implemented in each project to have a high durability, not in vain the guarantee offered in each contract that is signed is 10 years, thus implying that some projects have been executed in perfect condition. even twice as long.

Recyclable materials, such as aluminum, are part of the structure that make up the control consoles or the meeting tables that are manufactured at the facilities located in Catalonia. In addition, the possibility of replacing a deteriorated piece or the ability to repair the elements that make up said technical furniture makes it easier for its life to be long, preventing having to replace it entirely with a new one, something that is harmful to the environment and is contrary to the ecodesign strategy carried out by the GESAB experts.

Since the UN published the 2030 Agenda, which contains the Sustainable Development Goals, which pursue a world in which the circular economy, recycling and emission reduction are the basis of every economy, company and individual, at GESAB there are innumerable developments of internal policies that imply that the entire team carry out sustainable activities in their day to day. Some examples are: the separation of organic waste, paper and cardboard from other materials; use of earthenware cups or glass cups instead of single-use disposable containers; replace companies that provide bottled water with tap water; or the possibility of teleworking to reduce the use of transport.

Waste and Contaminated Soil Law for a Circular Economy

The Government of Spain seeks to take new steps in the care of our environment, let’s remember that there is no plan B for our planet, for which reason last May 2022 the Council of Ministers developed a new law on waste and contaminated soils. The main objective of the new text is to promote the circular economy and try to minimize the negative effects of waste generation and management on human health and the environment in our country, which aspires to be a neutral country in emissions in 2050.

The new law restricts single-use plastics, taxes their use and incorporates two new taxes aimed at preventing the generation of waste. In this way, it seeks to actively contribute to the fulfillment of three of the SDGs set out in the UN Agenda:

SGD 12: Responsible consumption and production

ODS 12

SGD 13: Climate action

ODS 13

SGD 14: Life below water

ODS 14

The orientation towards achieving greater sustainability both in the business and personal spheres is increasingly on the lips of society, which is why the actions that are being implemented in society are more numerous in all areas. Thanks to this, products such as cardboard trays and baskets are now seen more frequently on supermarket shelves, compostable bags, 100% recycled and recyclable plastic containers or cloth bags for reuse in future purchases.

GESAB’s commitment to the SDG

GESAB is fully aware of the importance of caring for our environment and its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals is absolute. For this reason, in recent times it has focused its efforts on achieving cleaner, more efficient and less polluting processes. Product manufacturing and assembly chains that generate fewer emissions, more efficient installations through LED lighting or departmental climate machines, reduction in travel to achieve meetings, being able to hold them online or the use of a single vehicle by several team members when said meeting must be in person, these are some measures taken consciously by both the management and the human team that make up the company in order to protect our environment.

Although the company’s commitment does not only apply to its facilities and human resources, it also seeks that all the companies with which it works (suppliers or partners) also maintain their commitment to the environment and are environmentally responsible.

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