Laser, the audiovisual future in Control Centers


The control center audiovisual industry is riddled with challenges, so improvements and progress are always coming along. The critical 24/7 environments need to have the proper facilities and equipment to guarantee the continuous operation of control centers and control rooms.

The evolution of audiovisual equipment has allowed for the improvement of the quality of the control centers. The constant adaptation of equipment to the operating needs as well as to the visual health of operators have been two basic premises to guarantee proper performance.

Laser technology has finally arrived to the audiovisual world and Barco presents its Laser flagship line for 24/7 control rooms. Its new RGB laser technology provides colors that are twice as bright as LED, the image quality improves, the deterioration of consumables is less and it offers redundancy of critical components. The new generation of back projection video screen cubes uses red, green and blue lasers as a light source, leaving behind the phosphorus laser technology.

The RGB pure laser generates light from 3 individual lasers in the aforementioned colors, which means there is no longer the need for a color wheel for its operation, noise is reduced and image quality and contrast ratio are improved. This technology is ideal for big format applications, allowing to illuminate the room with natural light.

Its maintenance is much simpler because it is not necessary to open the modules and the video wall characteristics can be configured though remote control, which reduces maintenance time.

The laser flagship video wall line for 24/7 control centers in its ODLF-721 and ODL-721 modalities will be available by the end of 2016. Besides exceptionally improving image quality, these new systems have a life cycle of 100,000 hours in eco-mode, which means 11.5 years of uninterrupted operations.

GESAB, in its constant search for improvement, incorporates this equipment to its control room designs. Both in special projects and in “turnkey” projects, the GESAB team carries out a detailed study of the characteristics of the client’s space and needs to provide customized solutions. Laser visualization is the future of big format audiovisual solutions.

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