Smart control centres

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Control rooms are critical work environments, often with a constant activity 24/7. Places where the criticality of daily operations is vital for the proper functioning of facilities and equipment.

These workspaces must have the best equipment, wiring and connections for everything to work perfectly. Spaces that we should not forget should be designed for the people who occupy them.

GESAB, specialised in the design and implementation of control rooms, starts from a basic philosophy to develop all of its projects: to place people in the centre. Create ergonomic control centres that guarantee safety at work and help improve efficiency. For this the implementation of the technology is key in the different elements of the room, for example, in the consoles.

The latest series of consoles created by GESAB, the ACTEA Series has the most innovative systems to offer users a unique experience. The Sit & Stand solution allows us to elevate the table top of the console so that the operator can work at double height, thus, we help to prevent possible injuries and improve the quality of the work environment.

Other features such as the LED lights can be implemented to send messages or information through colours to the crisis room or vice versa, report on the status of the console, etc. The wireless charging systems have already arrived and can be installed to offer the operator a bonus in the interaction with his work station.

GESAB develops intelligent proposals for control centres based on people and innovation, so we must not only think about the technical furniture, but in all the solutions that are part of a control centre. DeskWall, the new dynamic KVM system of GESAB, has the Health & Care Smart Widget, a tool that helps improve the health of the operator in his work place and in critical environments, as well as helping to prevent possible ailments and to maintain an adequate physical activity.

Widgets, tools and systems that involve technology integrated in innovative solutions that seek to offer unique experiences and environments. The future is possible today.

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