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Automatización APITool seguridad-eficiencia-productividad

How to achieve maximum security through automation in the control center

All control centers, regardless of the sector to which they belong, have three common characteristics: The first two points mentioned above are closely linked to each other, since an efficient system will provide the necessary tools that operators need to achieve maximum productivity in the workspace. Today there are already

Deskwall Central térmica Alcudia

Digital operational position: technology for the operator (II)

As we told you in the first part of this article that you can read here, with the technological advance of information, workspaces, monitors and technology in general, unified control of systems has become increasingly in demand and it is essential to have spaces specifically designed for the visualization and

monitores antiguos y nuevos

Digital operational position: technology for the operator (I)

The fusion of the physical world and the virtual world is the next generation of technological change and transformation Current technological advances evolve by leaps and bounds. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things and other recent technologies transform the quality of life of human

Nture inspired design control rooms

Nature-inspired control room design: a path towards regenerative environments

In the fast-paced world of control room design, where efficiency and functionality are paramount, the integration of nature-inspired elements is emerging as a crucial consideration. As we confront the challenges of sustainability and well-being in our built environments, designers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration and guidance. In this

Makkah 911 control center

Requirements for the control center of the future

Designing the control center of the future requires careful consideration of various factors. It is more than necessary, almost compulsory, to think about how we would like the space to evolve in the future, not only to deal with possible unforeseen events (such as a global pandemic that forces us

iluminación dinámica centros de control

Adapting the environment for efficient operator performance

As human beings, we have evolved for millennia with a single source of daylight: the Sun. On many occasions we are forced to spend much of our time indoors with little input of natural light and this change in lifestyle means that we spend less time exposed to natural light.

Control center in Chile

Sustainable control rooms. A reality within our reach

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, the quest for sustainability extends to every facet of our modern infrastructure and control centers, pivotal hubs of coordination and management, are no exception to this paradigm shift. As the demand for efficient and eco-friendly operations continues to rise, it becomes imperative

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