Welcome to a new era of innovation with DeskWall Spring Edition ’24

DeskWall Spring Edition 24

With a revolutionary design and enhancements that redefine performance standards, DeskWall Spring Edition ’24 isn’t just an update: it’s a transformation. It is power, control and collaboration at its finest.

Our well-known universal management platform DeskWall is transformed so that critical environments get maximum performance from operators. Managing fonts, applications and programs has never been as efficient and productive as it will be with the new version.

But, what exactly do we mean?

More power and performance
Get ready to experience DeskWall like never before. With a more than 60% increase in power and performance, we have taken efficiency to the next level. Perform tasks with unprecedented speed and fluidity, allowing for uninterrupted productivity.

Redefined user experience
Usability is at the heart of DeskWall Spring Edition ’24. We have redesigned the menus with an even more minimalist and simplified approach, achieving an intuitive and elegant interface that facilitates navigation and improves interaction. Less is more and now everything is at your fingertips with a cleaner and more modern design.

Full control of devices, groups and environments
With our new management tools, having full control of DeskWall is easier than before. PulseCare, SYSLOG and MTU are just some of the tools that allow you to know everything that happens on the platform. From detailed control to advanced management, you can now monitor and adjust every DeskWall element with pinpoint precision.

Enhanced collaboration
The new version redefines collaboration with new editing, recording and streaming functionalities in real time. Clipboard’s multi-protocol capability allows you to share and manage content efficiently, facilitating team collaboration and optimizing workflow.

We will wait for you in Las Vegas!

The official presentation of DeskWall Spring Edition ’24 will take place at Infocomm and we want you to join us for its global launch this Wednesday, June 12.

Get ready to witness the future of visualization, control and management technology for operational environments. You just have to click on this link and get your ticket for the event.

See you there!

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