What kind of Control Centre does your organization need?

Control Center

What is a command & control center?

A control centre is the secure workplace for organizations in any type of industry, located in an adapted facility where the technology provides centralized monitoring, control and command about concrete situations. In other words, a control room is the technology tool that provides access and control to all the data with fluency, possibility of improvement and avoidance of mistakes in the core activity of companies from any sector like security, industrial production, energy, transport, aeronautics and so on.

A command centre helps to organize and improve workflows so that it can be reflected on time, while the activity is taking place, and helping to make critical decisions.

Depending on the level of complexity of the data shared and its visual access management, the control centre will have a different distribution and layout style; which is a critical part of the success story for a command & control center.

GESAB has an extended experience in comprehensive solutions for control rooms, always offering the latest innovations and searching the best results for each client due to the highest functionality and quality of its products and services.

The multidisciplinary team of designers, architects and engineers work together with all the customers so they can take a global approach to each project and offer 360° solutions, assist to any question they could have and dispel all the doubts that setting up a control center may entail.

Developing studies on ergonomics, lighting, design and interiors to provide the control centre with maximum functionality and an individual character, is one of the objectives of GESAB, who carries out comprehensive projects that has being executed in a unique and exclusive manner to meet the needs of the clients with amazing results.

What is a Network Operation Center, NOC?

A Network Operations Center or NOC, as it is commonly known, is a centralized location where Information Technology experts and operators develop remote monitoring and management through a software of a certain IT installation or network.

The group of operators that works in a NOC usually will have a big amount of activity related to monitor, manage and solve issues that happen while the network is working and providing service to its users.

The preventive solutions, high-level security actions, back-up and recovery measures are a core value of the work of NOC operators that ensures a 24/7 service to network users.

DeskWall, the dynamic KVM developed by GESAB, allows the management, administration, control of multitude of equipment and information sources through a single keyboard and mouse in the multi-canvas, a revolutionary concept, facilitating work in these type of spaces.

What kind of control centre does your organization need?

Depending on the activity and workflows that the organization wants to control and monitor, we can find from industrial process control with SCADA systems, or industrial production of oil monitoring, up to CCTV control rooms in which the security and surveillance is the main activity to be done through the monitoring of cameras. But, does the CCTV control rooms also exist in an Oil production facility? The answer is Yes.

Therefore, basically, the decision of which type of control room should be selected by the company is depending on the basic needs of its workflow, process or application they need to visualize, control, manage and take decisions about improving the performance, latency and every day results.

GESAB executes customized projects, from the conceptualisation to the execution, in which working together with the clients enables the development of completely personalized control rooms to their needs and workflows. Therefore every detail will be discussed: disposition of the space, technical furniture and ergonomic chairs or audio-visual equipment.

The experience and know-how of the team of GESAB has the capacity to develop both small and large control centers all over the world adapting to the activity of the company: how many operators do they have, what kind of control consoles do they need or which kind of video wall do they must install are some of the item GESAB-customers will discus to implement the control room.

What types of companies need command & control centres?

Any company can implement a control center. The company who manages enough amount of data in their work processes, or the one who intends to improve results or the one that want to work safely so that they could be monitoring to assure correct or improve workflow in the organization. Also, any organization that wants to keep safety and surveillance over a certain amount of assets or that wants to manage and dispatch certain critical services for the population.

How to design a perfect control room

It has to be started by clearly understanding the processes the organization wants to monitor and control, the achievements the company is looking for in terms of performance, time or statistics improvement. Then, to take decisions as to layout and distribution a concrete analysis of the available space and technology should happen and afterwards, depending on the freedom of choices, the overall adaptation of the space in the best way.

After knowing the process that must be controlled and what applications will be used for that control, thus, what technology will be needed, architectural space distribution, furnishing and ergonomics decisions must be made. Always it will be considered there are available guidelines in the regulations that will help the architects and engineers team go through all the critical factors to achieve a successful and healthy 24/7 critical work environment.

GESAB works in 100% customized control center developing the most advanced technology integrated in them and created for the needs and requirements of each client, so that the experienced team works from project conceptualisation through to execution to ensure the maximum quality.

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